VQ Gommage

Our new Gommage Peeling Gels are a more innovative approach to traditional exfoliators with a focus on keeping things gentle. The main functions work the same way as the exfoliants you’re used to, with dead-skin removal, refined skin texture and of course leaving your skin feeling as smooth as silk still being the main goal. However the difference is that whilst most exfoliation products rely heavily on powerful chemical elements which can sometimes cause aggravated, sensitive and dried-out skin, Gommage Peels are a more sensitive friendly solution.

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1. Ensure you have dry and clean skin before applying.
2. Apply a moderate amount of the Gommage to the skin
3. Massage Gently in a circular motion for about two minutes (until it starts coming off)
4. Continue to massage until all of the product has come together and formed little balls
5. Rinse your skin with water.