These Terms and Conditions apply only to those who are accepted into our "Review Club" program, and must be adhered to as part of the agreement of membership.


Members who are selected to review products, must comply to the following criteria to continue active membership, and inclusion:

  • If selected, and products are received by a member, then reviews must be left to the specifications of the "Instructions" email, which are sent to selected members every month.
  • Positive feedback is not conditional to further inclusion or continued membership, and we actively promote a fair and unbiased feedback approach.
  • If products are sent, and not received we will re-send the item only once per member. If this occurs multiple times, we reserve the right to remove membership due to potential fraudulent behaviour, or abuse.
  • Feedback and Reviews will be monitored and verified, and we ask that members use the same email address, name or username when posting on our website, and/or partner sites to allow us to confirm identities.
  • Feedback should be based solely on the product, user experience, and efficacy and abstain from libellous comments, and/or irrelevant comments regarding shipping or delivery as this program runs outside of usual store practices and is subject to different criteria and shipping methods.
  • This program is restricted to mainland US-based customers only.

Members have the right to request removal from the program by emailing us at, and our support team will gladly clarify and assist any issues.

If you need any assistance with leaving feedback, or how to use the items you receive, please do not hesitate to contact us at