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5 Ways To Protect Your Skin From Dehydration This Winter

5 Ways To Protect Your Skin From Dehydration This Winter

4 Ways To Protect Your Skin From Dehydration This Winter

Written by Stephanie Orr 

Ah Winter, the season which brings together a hybrid of emotions. From troublesome temperatures to the most magical sceneries, it’s a time which is guaranteed to get everyone talking, but what do you do when it begins to play havoc with your skin? 

Although we experience the Winter season on a yearly basis, every year feels just as unbearable and seemingly colder than the last. Leaving us with no choice than to reach for the central heating and crank up the thermostat settings quicker than you can say “let’s get cosy.” 

4 Ways To Protect Your Skin From Dehydration This Winter Vitamasques

Don't Sit Next To Your Radiator All Day

While central heating is a quick fix solution to the frosty temperatures, it’s not exactly skin friendly and definitely has a lot to answer for when it comes to tackling dehydrated skin over the Winter period. This is due to central heating systems and instant fan heaters operating in an intense way to excessively throw out artificial dry heat in a rapid time frame, which leads to a reduction of hydration due to the hot air drawing out moisture and natural oils in the skin.


One way to reduce the effects of central heating and save your skin in the process is to stay clear from standing over a radiator or a fan heater for lengthy periods of time... we know it's hard but you can do it, for the sake of your skin! Invest in eye drops if your eyes are feeling dry, and turn down your central heating to a lower thermostat setting and wear an extra layer or place a cozy blanket over yourself. This is a great tip for bedtime as the extra covers will help your body to retain more warmth, without dehydrating your skin. Plus it helps the planet in the process too!

4 Ways To Protect Your Skin From Dehydration This Winter Vitamasques

Increase Your Water Intake

Increasing your water intake over Winter can also help to protect your skin and body from dehydration effects, especially as it’s a known fact that we drink less in the Winter as our bodies aren't as warm, which can trick the mind into thinking we’re not thirsty. An increase in water over the colder climate is also vital for increasing energy levels, protecting the immune system and fighting off Winter weight gain, combined restoring hydration loss from central heating.

Protect Your Lips

There's nothing more uncomfortable than having dry chapped lips! This winter instead of dreading the moment your lips show those initial signs of drying, protect and prevent them from losing moisture with our brand new Lip Mask. Infused with mulberries, cherry extracts, and hyaluronic acid, this lip treatment acts as a deep conditioner and is perfect for plumping and repairing. Use weekly to keep your lips looking luscious throughout the cold months.

4 Ways To Protect Your Skin From Dehydration This Winter Vitamasques

Keep A Hand Cream With You At All Times

Colds, flu and Winter bugs are increasingly on the rise each year which can result in the use of antiseptic hand gels being used more frequently along with washing your hands at every available opportunity. Whilst this is vital for protection against harmful bacteria, germs and viruses washing your hands more frequently it also strips the hands of moisture. If you’re not regularly wearing gloves when you’re outside either this is a recipe for dry, dehydrated and chapped hands. Keeping a rich consistency hand cream in your handbag, desk or in your car and applying it 3 - 4 times a day helps to protect dehydrated hands from developing. If your hands are feeling super sore and sensitive try infusing them in a intensive hand mask for a restoring treatment, the Peach & Honey Hand Mask is a winner!

Apply A Sheet Mask

There's nothing wrong with applying a second base of moisturiser in the afternoon to re-hydrate your skin from the outside elements and central heating effects, but if you're skin still feels tight and dry when you get home a sheet mask is probably the best way to go. Applying a sheet mask is a foolproof way of adding some much needed hydration back into your skin over the Winter months. The Hydro Gel Sheet Mask is ideal for icy temperatures. It’s designed as a 2 part mask and contains 120 hours of hydration with an Artificial Moisturising Factor (AMF) which is designed to support the skin’s ability to lock in moisture. Evening Primrose, Avocado Oil and Rose Of Jericho extracts are also included in this mask to increase skin smoothness and leave skin looking extra dewy.

4 Ways To Protect Your Skin From Dehydration This Winter Vitamasques

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December 03, 2019 — Chethan Kumar
How To Rescue Your Skin From Halloween Makeup

How To Rescue Your Skin From Halloween Makeup

How To Rescue Your Skin From
Halloween Makeup

Written by Stephanie Orr 

Halloween is without a doubt the most creative night of the year. From flawlessly freaky face paint creations to deadly dramatic transformations, it’s the one evening where pretty much anything goes. 

After spending the last few weeks narrowing down outfit choices and debating over hair and makeup looks, the 31st is now drawing closer than ever. Whilst you may have your Halloween look figured out, there’s one thing you need to make sure you don’t forget - skincare preparation pre and post Halloween. 


Year after year Halloween makeup becomes more and more terrifyingly terrific, but one thing that isn’t so thrilling, are the overly drying and irritable effects some Halloween looks can have on hair and skin the next day. Face paint, fake blood and fright night hair can all cause damaging effects when not taken care of properly with the right practices. Don’t let your Halloween nightmare become a living reality, take care of your hair and skin with our step by step guide. 

Pre Halloween Step 1 - Exfoliate

To get the most out of your makeup look it’s always a good idea to exfoliate first to ensure your makeup sits smoothly. Gently exfoliating away the top layer of dead skin cells can really make a difference, and prolong the overall effectiveness to your makeup and how long it lasts. We recommended using either the Charcoal Gommage Peeling Gel or Rose Gommage Peeling Gel. Both are suitable for sensitive skin and help to purify pores and eliminate impurities for a magnificent makeup base. 

Pre Halloween Step 2 - Eye Mask

The eyes are an area that can really be accentuated for Halloween with major impact. Prepare the area using either the Morning or Evening Goggle Mask. Both of these have been designed to cover the entire eye area and intensely hydrate, to minimise the appearance of fine lines. Although the Morning Eye Goggle Mask is generally suited for the day as it includes anti-pollution ingredients and protection against blue light from smartphones, it can particularly come in handy if you’re going out into the city to celebrate or snapping a few selfies.

Pre Halloween Step 3 - Mask and Moisturise

Follow your next step up with a sheet mask to infuse some much needed hydration into your skin before applying your makeup. All of the sheet masks from our ranges are brilliant for this, but depending on your skin type and any particular concerns you may want to work on, we have sheet masks on hand to tackle everything from dull to oily skin. After you have applied your mask and massaged in the remaining essence, apply a moisturiser followed by a primer to create your perfect makeup base. Both of our Gold and Rose Gold Hydroglow Creams’ double up as a 2 - in - 1 moisturiser and primer.

Post Halloween Step 4 - Cleanse Cleanse And Cleanse

After a night of Halloween Celebrations, an oil based cleanser is likely to become your best friend when it comes to removing your Halloween makeup. Gently cleanse your skin with an oil based cleanser and wash off with a warm cloth

Post Halloween Step 5 - Exfoliate

Following on from the oil based cleanser, gently exfoliate again with either the Charcoal Gommage Peel or Rose Gommage Peel. This is a great way to ensure you have removed every inch of makeup and declogged your pores to prevent makeup build up and breakouts from forming.

Post Halloween Step 6 - Rehydrate

Next apply a sheet mask again to restore hydration back into the skin, if your skin is feeling super dry or irritated from the night before try using the Aloe Hydro Jelly Mask which is perfect for providing a soothing effect.

Post Halloween Step 7 - Moisturise

Finish your skincare steps off with a nourishing moisturiser, both of the Hydroglow Creams contain Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate. The Rose Gold Hydroglow Cream is particularly good for post Halloween skin as it contains an anti-inflammatory effect to protect against redness and irritation

Post Halloween Step 8 - Hair Masque

Whether you’ve backcombed your hair into the back of beyond or have over styled it for your Halloween creation, a hydrating hair masque is always the answer to nursing your hair back to a healthy state. The Blossom Hair Masque and Coconut & Argan Oil Hair Masque are both formulated with a super creamy consistency and are brilliant options for hair which feels unmanageable and in desperate need of TLC.

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October 30, 2019 — Danny Balkwill
World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day

Thursday 10th October marks the celebration of World Mental Health Day which aims to raise awareness, share information and support for those suffering with various mental health conditions. 

The rise of complexities with mental health are now at an all time high with 1 in 4 people experiencing a mental health problem each year in the UK. While the number remains high and often includes someone we love, one positive improvement which has resulted from this is a refreshing attitude towards openly discussing and accepting mental health, with more support available online and through workplace environments now more than ever before. 


Depending on certain conditions for a lot of sufferers medication is not always an easy route to take, with side effects sometimes proving to have a severely adverse effect and interfering with day to day activities as a result. Over the years there has been an increasing amount of recognition between the connection of mental health treatments, aromatherapy, colour therapy and gemstone therapy techniques. Research into each of these practices has revealed they can in fact help with considerably reducing symptoms of Anxiety, Depression, Low Mood, PTSD, Seasonal Affective Disorder and Stress, due to the combination of alternative therapies being able to achieve multi sensory results together.

"Over the years there has been an increasing amount of recognition between the connection of mental health treatments, aromatherapy, colour therapy and gemstone therapy techniques."

Our new Gemstone Sheet Mask Collection has been designed to focus purely on the mental health and wellbeing sector and incorporate a 4 - in - 1 therapy practice of aromatherapy, colour therapy, gemstone therapy and skin therapy extracts. Each sheet mask is vegan and focuses on a mind and skincare action, along with a range of beneficial of plant extracts to relax and restore the mind within 20 minutes. Perfect for providing a helping hand on the days where life feels a little too overwhelming, for a noticeably calmer and happier mindset in the morning.

Jade Sheet Mask

The Jade sheet mask contains a combination of Jade Stone Powder to encourage a calmer mindset. Along with Spirulina which is a form of Tryptophan that helps to support serotonin production, a key necessity to improving mental health wellbeing and happiness levels. Pine is another extract in this mask which works wonders to soothe skin and treat conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

October 10, 2019 — Danny Balkwill
Self-Care Rituals By Sarirah Hamid of

Self-Care Rituals By Sarirah Hamid of

Pouring myself a cup of tea, slipping on a sheet mask and closing my eyes to the sound of a podcast. Some days, this is what self-care feels like to me. Other days it’s deep cleaning my workspace, walking on the farm or setting out trays to grow seedlings in Spring. This journey through slow living, mindful moments and exploration has led me to really understand that self-care can be so many different things.
October 10, 2019 — Danny Balkwill
The Exfoliator Guaranteed To Work on Sensitive Skin

The Exfoliator Guaranteed To Work on Sensitive Skin

The Exfoliator Guaranteed To Work on Sensitive Skin

Written by Stephanie Orr

With the release of our very own Charcoal Gommage Peeling Gel and Rose Gommage Peeling Gel, we thought we’d take some time to introduce you to our two newest members of the Vitamasques family.

Firstly An Introduction

There’s a certain level of mystique when it comes to Gommage Peels and the amazing benefits they can have to supersize your skincare routine. Gommage Peeling Gels are a more innovative approach to traditional exfoliators with a focus on keeping things gentle. The main functions work the same way as the exfoliants you’re used to, with dead-skin removal, refined skin texture and of course leaving your skin feeling as smooth as silk still being the main goal. However the difference is that whilst most exfoliation products rely heavily on powerful chemical elements which can sometimes cause aggravated, sensitive and dried-out skin, Gommage Peels are a more sensitive friendly solution. The word Gommage comes directly from the French language and translates to ‘scrub’ or ‘erase’ which is a great way to describe how you use it - lightly erasing the dead skin away and other impurities from your skin.

"Not only does Gommage remove dead skin but it also gives you all the benefits from Antioxidants, Vitamins, and Minerals"

How Do Gommage Peels Work?

Gommage Peels are strictly a cream formula, meaning no harmful solids are used, this why the formulation is known for being so gentle on the skin. Each of the Vitamasques Gommage Peels are cruelty, sulfate and paraben free and contain fruit extracts, plant extracts and natural enzymes. This helps to deliver a natural dose of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to the skin for a glowing complexion.Our Charcoal Gommage is vegan friendly and works by combining Charcoal, Papaya, Cauliflower and Hyaluronic Acid. Whilst our Rose Gommage includes Rose Centifolia Flower Extract, Castor Oil and Glutathion. With a manual exfoliation method each of these multitasking Gommage Peeling Gels get to work to gently to remove dead skin cells and purify pores in just two minutes.

How To Use A Gommage Peel?

Using both the Vitamasques Charcoal Gommage Peeling Gel and Rose Gommage Peeling Gel is super simple and only requires a few steps: 

1. Freshly cleanse skin and pat dry with a towel.

2. Apply a moderate amount of the Gommage Peeling Gel to the skin.

3. Massage gently in circular motions for two minutes.

4. Continue to massage until the product has formed little balls.

5. Rinse off skin with water.

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September 05, 2019 — Danny Balkwill
How to fit Korean Skincare Into Your Routine, The Easy Way.

How to fit Korean Skincare Into Your Routine, The Easy Way.

We just want to chat with you a sec, show you the ropes when it comes to K-Beauty routines because we’re around this stuff every day and honestly, sometimes we forget about what it was like to be total beginners at this kind of thing. You’ve heard of the K-Beauty routines by now, but what does it all really entail, and how can you get the best results? Well, here’s the low-down.

  • Oil Cleanser
  • to remove makeup and dirt

    2) Water Based Cleanser

    to remove impurities that cause


    3) Cleanse/Detox

    chemical is best, to avoid micro-

    tears in skin

    4) Toner

    repair skin’s barrier*

    4) Essence

    a lightweight, super-hydrating


    5) Treatments

    targeted for your skin type

    (e.g. hyaluronic acid for dry or

    niacinamide for problem skin)

    6) Sheet Masks

    hello! this is where we come in

    - relax for 20 with a nourishing


    7) Eye Cream / Pads

    to soothe and de-puff

    8) Moisturiser

    introduce extra moisture back

    into the skin

    9) SPF

    the most important part for

    daytime usage, don’t forget it!

    *Asian toners introduce moisture, opposed to Western toners which further strip oil and dirt.

    It’s really important not to just jump straight into a full 10-step routine, your skin will feel very overwhelmed and so will your bank balance! The best method is to add one product at a time, slowly building your collection and finding out what your skin really needs.

    It’s based on the idea of giving your skin absolutely everything it needs, without mixing all the products together, which can confuse and unbalance your skin (*ahem* throwback to your ex-boyfriend’s 6-in-1 shower gel, YIKES). This routine ensures all the right products are absorbed in the right time, allowing certain products to lock other products in - because obviously, cleansing after moisturising just doesn’t make sense!

    To make sure you find yourself the perfect mask routine, we’ve devised a plan to suit any budget and any skin care needs. 

    It’s very important to give your skin time to become used to your new routine, small breakouts (especially when using charcoal based products) are common in the first couple of days - but persevere and you will have that enviable Korean glass skin effect in no time. 

    August 19, 2019 — Danny Balkwill
    Vitamasques Travel Blog

    Vitamasques Travel Blog

    It’s time for your holiday and you’re all packed. But you’re worried about all the hard work you’ve put into your skincare being ruined whilst you’re away. Your skin is affected by many variants on holiday including a change in diet, climate as well as being in a different time zone; especially plane rides, they will bring out every pimple that's brewing simply down to the dry air and pressurised cabin.

    Woman Travelling Holiday

    You may be lucky and have luggage in the hold, in this case, it isn’t too important to worry about the size of your products. However, if you only have hand luggage then the 100ml maximum might catch you out. In this case, mini products are your best friend. Good news is that the Vitamasques masks are all under 100ml and compact, which means they can be taken in hand luggage and used in-flight. It is a well-known fact that planes dehydrate the body, we lose water due to being in a reduced oxygen environment. Here are some of my tips on how to tackle skincare whilst in flight…

    Woman drinking water - stay hydrated

    The most important thing to do is stay hydrated by drinking lots of water which may seem obvious but it makes a huge difference. Moisturiser in its many forms helps the skin stay supple. As the skin becomes dry on the plane keeping moisture level up is important. Using a mask on the plane is a great way to do this but make sure your hands are clean before applying. My favourite is the Multivitamin mask or the Citrine calming mask (if you're feeling a little anxious too, this one is a winner).

    The 100ml limit might seem annoying but it can be worked around. Using travel sizes of your fave products as well as packing masks which don’t take up much room is very useful. A lack of sleep on the plane can cause your eyes to become dry and create under-eye bags. In this case, under-eye masks like the diamond or gold eye pads work brilliantly. Sleep in masks are handy on the plane because you don't have to do anything once you’ve applied it as it sinks into the skin. The mango sleep in is great as it smells like summer, but don’t forget to have tissues on hand.

    Also, you may want to consider not wearing makeup on the plane, especially on long-haul flights. This can be because you’re wearing makeup for a far longer period than you normally would. Skincare whilst you get to your holiday is also very important. Hopefully with the tips above your skin won’t be too dehydrated after the flight but being in a different climate will still affect the condition of your skin. Here are some of my tips on how to tackle skincare whilst you’re on your holiday and after you’ve had sun exposure...

    Looking our of an aeroplane window

    Suncream is the most important thing to remember on holiday. Even if you want a tan it’s important to apply a high SPF because it helps protect from harmful UV rays. Remember to wash it off before you go to bed and reapply in the morning.
    In the case that you do get a sunburn, keep the skin moisturised. Both the aloe vera and Jeju green tea masks will help calm and soothe the skin. Once again consider not wearing makeup. Makeup can clog your pores and may cause breakouts.

    Again, drink lots of water. This will make sure the skin is hydrated as well as the body. Finally, kick back and RELAX as you’re on holiday! Your skin will thank you for it.

    July 22, 2019 — Danny Balkwill
    5 Surprising Benefits To Having Oily Skin

    5 Surprising Benefits To Having Oily Skin

    5 Surprising Benefits To Having Oily Skin

    Written by Esme Watling & Edited by Stephanie Orr 

    Suffering from oily skin is a common factor for many, not just teenagers and mine has been no different. Having just reached the end of my teen years, I’ve become friends with my oily skin and learnt to work with it instead of fighting against it. 

    However, it doesn’t end the second you turn 20 it can carry on throughout life. Oily skin is just as it sounds, skin that produces an excessive amount of oil due to the sebaceous glands beneath the pores producing too much sebum. This causes the skin to look greasy and shiny, and when not treated correctly it can be a contributing factor to causing acne and breakouts. Nevertheless, the answer to treating oily skin is certainly not over stripping it or depriving it of moisture, a lot of the time oily skin can in fact also be dehydrated due to moisturisation steps purposely being skipped, which overtime can only make things worse.

    "Don’t blame your oily skin on eating that kebab on the way back from a night out. Although diet and lifestyle can have an effect on your skin’s oil levels it isn’t always the case, hormone levels and genetics have an overriding effect in oil production."

    How I Handle It

    A big mistake with oily skin is not giving it enough moisture and overcompensating, stripping the skin which in turn causes the skin to produce more oil. In my skincare routine firstly I use a hydrating cleanser, then a glycolic acid for exfoliating. Physical exfoliators can be too harsh and abrasive on sensitive skin and can cause micro-tears. After an exfoliant I then moisturise, it doesn’t have to be too rich, oily skin sufferers can get away with using a lighter moisturiser but it has to be something to keep the skin hydrated. If I’m having a breakout that day I will also apply a spot treatment if necessary. Face masks are a great way to introduce further moisture and all-round benefits for the skin. I try to incorporate a face mask into my routine at least three times a week, if not more. The Multivitamin Mask is my personal favourite for keeping my skin hydrated and nourished, the Soothing Starter Pack includes this as well as two other great masks to maintain healthy skin. An important note is to never forget SPF in the mornings (yes even in the Winter) as it will help to protect the skin from sun damage, premature ageing, and environmental defects such as pollution.

    On the subject of wrinkles, a positive about oily skin is that it can keep wrinkles at bay for slightly longer than dry skin does. The natural oils in your skin help to hydrate it and keep it more supple. Although this isn't to say you won't get wrinkles, they may not appear as early and in some cases fewer than those with dry skin


    We know oily skin can be a pain but when the skin is balanced via the use of skincare, everything becomes easier. Make up woes are something of the past. By using a pore-refining primer, oil-free matte foundation and a setting powder, your makeup can last a lot longer and while everyone else is paying for the JLO glow, us oily skin sufferers can get it free!


    On the whole oily skin isn’t all bad, in fact, once controlled it can actually be very beneficial to have.

    recommended for oily skin

    July 22, 2019 — Danny Balkwill

    Lets Talk About Feeling Sad...

    It’s Mental Health Awareness month and we want to slow down and just have a chat about it. We all know it’s so important to look after your physical health, but we also know that we neglect our mental health. Small steps can make a big difference to your outlook on the world, and even if you feel you are in a very dark place, small acts of self-care can bring a little light to you.

    Something I like to do is do something creative, this seems daunting when you’re feeling so down, but it can relate to so many activities. I usually choose cooking or baking. Last month I was feeling very burnt out, I decided to make a cake, not for any special occasion, just for myself. Being vegan it can be hard to create a great vegan cake at home, and it took me 3 tries to get it cake shaped - but it was fun! I took my time decorating it and it really made me feel better. Granted, it didn’t take away the core of what was getting me down, but it did give my mind a couple of hours to just focus on something entirely creative… and I got a cake at the end of it.

    In a way, you have to get creative with the usual methods of dealing with low mood and anxiety. Mindfulness seems scary when you think, “how am I going to clear my mind when my mind is going a mile a minute?” and the truth is, it takes practice. Counting works for me, I try and count upwards for as long as I can without my mind wandering, and when my mind starts thinking about something else, I start again from 1. I do this a lot on the tube when the heat, noise and bright lights can trigger anxiety.

    Routines can also help, I have devised a skincare routine that I do when I’m having a down day, if I do it right it can sometimes take me 2 hours, using all the cleansers, peels, hydrating masks etc. But it takes my mind of negativity for a while, and that’s so beneficial to help your mind heal.

    Plants and pets help too. It’s important to focus your energy in other living things, talking to pets or plants can be a great way to just get things off your chest. I like to have a debrief with my cat if I’ve come home from a stressful day, she’s a good listener. Giving yourself time to look after a living thing is incredibly therapeutic, it gives you a sense of responsibility, even in regards to plants. Have a look and see if there’s a local plant swap near you. These are events where you take plants or cuttings of your plants and swap them with like-minded green-fingered people!

    Visit if you are in a crisis or are in need of someone to talk to.

    May 17, 2019 — Danny Balkwill

    Good Chat: Our New Hair Masques

    May 01, 2019 — Danny Balkwill